• 3-D simulation design improves fit and finish, precision and reliability.
  • Outstanding off-road capacity and traveling capacity with load. Max. gradeability:75%.
  • Capability of travelling with 20t load at the speed of 4km/h.
  • High-strength structural steel boom. Dual-cylinder telescoping mechanism. Max. lifting moment: 1845kN·m. Large-spanned outrigger: 7.2m×7.2m;
  • Superior lift performance with large capacity pump and motor. Maximum single-rope speed: 150m/min.
  • The all-hydraulic power steering system provides four steering modes: front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four-wheel coordinated steering and four-wheel crab steering. Four-wheel coordinated steering has low turning radius of 12.3 m.
  • The CAN-Bus digital network control technology guarantees precise control;
    GCP global customer portal” enables remote fault diagnosis, remote equipment monitoring and equipment operating condition learning, as well as query for components and online ordering.