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  • Recruitment
  • Management
  • Training

A. Khudairi Trading & Contracting Company (AKTCC) is committed to supplying foreign and local companies with only the highest qualified Iraqi candidates. We directly recruit and hire from the local market and vet potential candidates according to the position needed. Our database of motivated candidates is continually analyzed to make sure all potential employees clear full background checks and overall screening.

Some of the personnel AKTCC can provide to foreign companies include:

  • Project managers
  • Engineers
  • Safety inspectors
  • Accountants
  • Clerical assistants
  • Truck drivers
  • Construction machinery operators
  • Security personnel
  • Laborers
  • Other positions as needed

Security screening, background checks, and medical screening will be done as requested to ensure all employees are fully fit for duty before commencing work. AKTCC provides employees with personal protective equipment and tools as needed. We will also make sure all of our employees take part in up-to-date health and safety programs.

AKTCC believes that it is vital to the success of Iraq to employ Iraqis in their reconstruction efforts. By employing locals who have cultural and geographic knowledge, foreign companies are positioned to enhance their overall operations and increase efficiency on their projects. AKTCC's deep relations with local universities and community centers allows us to access a widely diversified pool of high caliber Iraqis eager to rebuild Iraq and work for a brighter future.

With the rapid globalization of Iraq, AKTCC has adapted with the times and has introduced many western ideas to the ever-changing Iraqi market. Training is and will be a crucial aspect to the success of Iraq and will be necessary to upgrade and improve on existing Iraqi manufacturing plants and projects. AKTCC is working with US prime contractors and the government of Iraq to assess current manufacturing plants and provide a training plan, followed by implementation.

With the isolation of Iraq for the past two decades, AKTCC will strive to work with necessary ministries to evaluate existing plants and update them with the newest skill sets and technology in an effort to maximize productivity and minimize costs